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MInd Cure Hours This Week

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Hello Everyone – here are our hours for this week:
Tuesday 12/23 – 11:00am-8:00pm
Wednesday 12/24 – 10:00am-1:00pm
Thursday 12/25 – Closed
Friday We resume with normal hours

We will also close early on 12/31 and be closed 1/1
Happy Holidays!

Mind Cure Records Presents Local Music Videos and Our Last Release of the Year Comes out Saturday

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In Conjunction With The Three Rivers Film Festival: Tonight at 9pm at the Brillobox - 4104 Penn Ave - we are proud to present a night of local music and video collaborations. This is an official Microcinema event of The Three Rivers Film Festival and we are honored to be involved. This program showcases different ways that bands and musicians based in the Pittsburgh region are using the video medium to raise awareness of their music and themselves – ranging from music videos, short documentaries to narratives. A portion of this program’s content was created by us but the majority of the pieces shown were created independently by local musicians. We will be debuting a new video at the showing tonight and it would be great to see as many friendly faces there as possible – so please come on out! 

On Saturday we will be releasing our last record of the year – our latest reissue is of the 2002 Self Titled Modey Lemon record. This is a split release with A-F Records, who originally released the recording as a CD and it has been great to work together on this release. I have been a long time Modey Lemon fan and this is a recording that is long over due for vinyl treatment. This will be for sale starting Saturday at Mind Cure. Also on Saturday Pittsburgh’s newest coolest record label – Omentum Records – will be releasing another Modey Lemon reissue of their demo ‘House on the Hill.’ We will have copies of both records for sale at opening time Saturday. I know that’s all a little confusing, but there are 2 records and 3 labels working together to bring you LPs from a 2 piece band. Can you keep all that straight? 
Hope to see you tonight, and if not see you Saturday, keep thrashin!

3 Brand New Releases from Mind Cure Records

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photo (80)

I realize that it’s been a little quiet around Mind Cure since we wrapped up the Singles Series this summer, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been hard at work getting some new (and old) records put together, so as we head into fall here are 3 new records that are sure to distract you from the days getting shorter and in the influx of jaywalking freshman collage students around town.

First off, in the continuing series of archival and reissue records that we have been working on the earliest demo from Pittsburgh’s own pioneers of Post-Punk, The Bats. This is not The Bats from New Zealand, this is not The Bats from Hamburg, this is not The Bats from wherever else, this is The Bats from Pittsburgh. This recording catches The Bats in their earliest incarnation that lasted long enough to record this demo and play one show (which comes as a bonus on the download card provided with this record). With the lineup of Lee Skirbol on Bass, Mark ‘Magee’ Miller on Drums, Michael Chabon on Vocals, Ruth Ann Schmidt and Sam Matthews on Guitars this version of The Bats kicks out 4 tracks with a perfect balance of jigsaw guitar, death-dirge bass and snotty vocals. These recordings were carefully transferred, restored and remastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound and have never sounded better!

In the arena of more current sounds are 2 split 7ins that match Pittsburgh bands with national acts:

Pittsburgh’s masters of Punk and destruction, EEL, have teamed up with Nashville’s sadly defunct Pissbath for a summit of chaos. This record, featuring 4 brand new EEL tracks and 2 unreleased Pissbath tracks, is a low-fi assault sure to shred your speakers and make you pogo. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. 

Proving that Punk Rock is not a young man’s game, Pittsburgh’s legendary Submachine teams up with Oakland’s soon to be legendary Kicker in an east (sort of) meets west show down. Featuring brand recording from both bands. A split with Inimical Records. Mind Cure copies on Neon Piss colored vinyl. Check with Inimical records for Chelsea blue copies.


Copies of these releases are on sale now at Mind Cure and will be in other stores and distros soon!

Now For Something A Little Different

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This Year Has Had a lot of Singles and Cover Songs: But this is a record unlike anything we have done before. Mind Cure teamed up with Pittsburgh’s own Beagle Brothers to make a record, with a cover song – which is not a part of the single series – to raise some money for a cause we are all passionate about – Public Television. 

After I saw the Beagle Brothers perform ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’ at an event celebrating the work of Rick Sebak late last year we decided to team up and record a version of the song and give all the money to WQED - Pittsburgh’s public TV station - and The Fred Rogers Company. The PIttsburgh City Paper had a very kind write up about the project, so I’d recommend having them explain it further. 

If you caught the year end Mind Cure video, you may have noticed a segment of the song, as well as the Beagles themselves, but we will be formally debuting it this morning on the KDKA-TV Pittsburgh’s morning show at 9am including a TV appearance from yours truly – so make sure you tune in! 

The record itself comes out tonight at 9pm with a show at The Thunderbird Cafe, the complete details for the event are here but just show up at 9 and know that you will see a great show and have some good times (great show guaranteed, actual good times not guaranteed we can only do so much). All proceeds from the door go towards the fun raiser too, so come show your support! 

Lastly, while we all agree that records are better, cooler and 100% more tangible than digital music we will be selling downloads of the song through the Beagle’s bandcamp page so if you can’t wait to get your mitts on a copy of this single, you can grab the tracks here, and if you are feeling generous you can pay more than the suggested $2. We hope to see you tonight where we will be Thrashin the Neighborhood! 

Vacation/Closed Tuesday 7/8

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I am headed out of town for a week, the store will be open with regular hours except for today Tuesday 7/8 when we will be closed. If you are making an order online or contacting via the website, Facebook, email etc me please be aware that I have limited internet access and will get back to you in as timely a manner as possible. 

Mind Cure Movie Night/Box Set Release Party

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Come out this Saturday, July 5th, as we celebrate the official end of the Mind Cure Records singles series with a night of Movies, Music and Commerce. The complete box sets of the 12 singles will be for sale and for those of you who already collected all 12 singles, boxes will be available – either for free in exchange for a photograph of you with all of your 12 singles or for $5.

We will be kicking off the night at 7pm at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Melwood Screening room by showing all 12 band of the month videos as well as the finale video. There will be complimentary beer and food. The videos start at 8pm following the reception. This event is free, and if you come to Filmmakers you can have a voucher for free admittance to the second event of the evening:

We will continue our celebration at Gooski’s at 10pm where there will be a performance by the The Gotobeds. Admission is free if you attended the earlier event at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and not too expensive otherwise.

I know it’s a holiday weekend, but take a break from BBQs to soak up some institutional AC, free beer and good times.

This will also be your first chance to get your hands on a box set, so don’t hesitate if you want one!

If you are unfamiliar – Pittsburgh Filmmakers is located at 477 Melwood Ave Pittsburgh PA 15213

Gooskis bar is located at 3117 Brereton Street Pittsburgh Pa 15219 

Mind Cure’s 4th Year is Drawing to a Close We are Ending This Year Just As We Started it, With More New Releases and Reissues

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It has been a really amazing year for Mind Cure: I’m in a lot of ways at a loss for what to say about the last 12 months at Mind Cure. It has been an amazing year and by far the most productive year of my life. Building on the momentum of the reissue of the Real Enemy demo that I closed out last year with there have been more reissues of Pittsburgh Punk and Hardcore records, there has been the single of the month series. There were the videos about each band, then the documentary projects. On top of all of this there was another great year of business at the record shop. I guess that the easiest way for me to wrap up this year is to say Thank You. Without all of the support that I received from all of you in the last year none of this would have been possible. Once again, Thank You for making this the best year for Mind Cure the Store, Mind Cure the Label, and me personally. To wrap up this year I got together with some friends and made this video. If you can carve out 15 minutes to watch it I think that you will like it.

We are going to be celebrating this anniversary at Mind Cure on Saturday – nothing formal, nothing wild but hanging out at the store with some pizza, some beer and the people who have made this a great year – all of you. There will be a 50% off sale on all used records in the store, and the last single in the monthly series will be out. I had hoped to have the box sets finished, but they won’t be done until next weekend.

The last single in the series comes to us from the up and coming band Night Vapor. Their sound reminds me a lot of bands coming out of the Skin Graft records scene in the late 90s – bands like US Maple, Shorty, Mount Shasta and the like. Again, I think that the band does a better job of describing themselves than I could so see what they have to say for in this video.

On top of finishing off the single series the latest reissue that we have been working on is finally complete. The Battered Citizens 1988 “Police Brutality” Demo is on the shelves. Featuring future members of Submachine, Caustic Christ and Killer of Sheep this bands of streetwise teenagers rip through 12 tracks of blazing hardcore in the tradition of Warzone, Gorilla Biscuits and other bands who were their contemporaries. Just like the other reissues this deluxe LP features a large fold out insert with liner notes from Mike LaVella and Manny Theiner as well as a custom drawn poster by New York Times bestselling comic artist Ed Piskor. On top of all that you get a download card featuring the complete album as well as two complete live shows from 1987 and 1988.

There are a lot of great projects in the works for next year, it’s already shaping up to be bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. If you can, please come celebrate with us Saturday, until the Keep Thrashin!