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It’s That Magic Day of the Year Record Store Day is Almost Here

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Right off the bat, I didn’t mean for the to rhyme: In any case – Record Store Day is here again and we have a few things in store for all you record buying maniacs. For starters we will be open with regular hours (12-8). We picked up some of the limited RSD releases from our staple labels and here is what we got (this list violates my desire for compact and orderly posts but here goes):

Poison Idea – Getting the Fear
Farside – Keep my Soul Awake

GIl Scott Heron – Nothing New
Sense Field – Building
Integrity – Den of Iniquity
Up Front – Spirit
Pagans – What’s This Shit
V/A – Fuzz Dance
Alexander Robotnick – Vintage Robotnicks
Michael Chapman – Playing Guitar the Easy Way
Sharpling/Wurster – Rock Rot Rule
Stephen John Kalinich – A World of Peace…
Built to Spill – Ultimate Alternative
OST – In The Wall (Death Waltz)
OST – 1990: The Bronx Warriors (Death Waltz)
OST – The Degradation of Emanuelle (Death Waltz)
OST – The Perfume of the Black Lady (Death Waltz)
V/A – Monster Skies

As usual we went pretty light on RSD releases, but were super excited about these and hope you will be too. We do have 2 special Mind Cure RSD releases for you too – first is a limited advanced copy of the forthcoming single from the Gotobeds. These are hand numbered test pressings with full color artwork. If you haven’t heard the A-Side of this super hot new single or even more tragically haven’t seen the amazing music video, check it out here.
If that wasn’t enough we have a very special version of the forthcoming EEL 12in especially for tomorrow. If you are unfamiliar with EEL then YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.  These are limited to 50 total (with 40 for sale tomorrow) white vinyl copies with limited edition alternate artwork. Don’t sleep on these! As a reminder all RSD releases, Mind Cure and otherwise, are limited to 1 copy per customer and there are no holds. This is first come, first served.

On top of that we are having a store wide sale on all used records – 20% off. All Mind Cure releases and merchandise is 20% (excluding the special EEL and Gotobeds records). All $1 records are 50 cents.

We hope to see you tomorrow and please be respectful off your fellow record shoppers. Keep Thrashin! ZuuZu!

It’s Been a Few Weeks Since We’ve Touched Base

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But there’s a new Single out This Saturday: Pittsburgh’s/Braddock’s No Time are the latest record in our year long project and they are bringing some much needed energy in this push from the long and snowy winter into the much needed reprieve of spring. Forming in the ashes of the band Heartless – who in a few short years boasted a number of 7 inches on as many different labels, an LP on Southern Lord and toured relentlessly – No Time departed from Heartless’ sound with Hardcore energy and Punk Rock attitude. See what they have to say for themselves in their video here. 

On top of No Time’s vinyl debut this week has also brought a much needed restock of soundtracks from Death Waltz, including the awesome OST from the remake of Maniac – the soundtrack, much like the film itself bears only a shadow of the original but is very worth your time (you will hear me say these words very infrequently, so know that I am serious). Also in stock are the beautiful and ambitious Anthology of American Folk Music reissues from Mississippi records, a reissued LP of a Gospel choir doing Dylan songs, a contemporary choir doing Neil Young songs, the Icelandic Hard Rock of Icecross and so much more. In Short, stop down this weekend and browse some new records.

I hope you’re all doing well and Thrashin into April.

Just in Time To Cure Your Winter Blues Old Head’s Single of the Month is Almost Here

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I realize it has been a month since my last post: Old Head’s January Single of the Month is a great way to pick up where I left off though. It is kind of hard for me to believe that this is the 8th single in this series – bringing this project 2/3rds to it’s completion. Sitting here and listening to Old Head’s cover of one of my favorite Kinks song – Brainwashed, the B-Side to their 7 inch that comes out tomorrow – I am really amazed at what has already happened with these 8 records and very excited for the 4 that are still to come.

But before I get too ahead of myself – Old Head’s Single of the Month delivers the perfect pick me up for these cold late-January days. Their A-Side ‘Brainbruise’ is a mellow masterpiece of psychedelia. Carrying a deep groove of layered sounds it stands on it’s own but also as a building opener to their cover of the classic Kinks song ‘Brainwashed.’ To see what Old Head have to say about themselves check out their video for their single of the month here. 

In related news there is another local record that just came out featuring the vocals of Old Head’s Phil Boyd on the Pittsburgh Tracks label under the moniker Model Human. I don’t know a lot about Model Human, but I know that I like it, that’s for damn sure. This 12inch of well, I don’t know what to call it either, is a record that you can really get lost in. I’m not going to try and describe it check it out here.

There is also a release show for the Old Head Single tomorrow night featuring Nic Lawless, of December’s Single of the Month fame, and long running Pittsburgh favorites Dirty Faces, who are making a rare live appearance for the occasion so don’t miss it! I hope to see you all this weekend, keep thrashin!

Savage Amused and The December Single are Here!

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It Has Been a Big Year at Mind Cure

Thank You All for Your Support in 2013

With That Said, It’s Not Over Yet: 2013 is winding down, but there are few things left to get done! First off the second LP reissue from the Mind Cure vault is finally here, the Savage Amused LPs are done. I am so proud to have this wrapped up and available for sale. This is a pretty unique record which I am thrilled to have been able to help give a proper release on vinyl. These LPs come with another oversized insert and a download card – this download also includes the complete live set from their opening slot on the Agnostic Front show form 1985, and it’s a scorcher! For the full details about the band check out this video about them here. If you would like to see a less polished video that shows off what all is packed inside these LPs take a look here. Even better, stop reading this and run down to Mind Cure and grab one now!

Also if you have been keeping an eye on your calendars you may have noticed that there is still one Saturday left in the year – tomorrow. That means that there is one more Mind Cure Single due out before we ring in the New Year. This month’s single is from Nic Lawless and Young Criminales. I only became hip to these guys recently. After months of Gotobeds member Eli Kasan hyping me up on them and then finally giving me a copy of their debut CD I realized that these guys could really write a catchy song. After the slotted band for December dropped off I asked them to get involved in this project. To their credit they produced their single of the month on 1 weeks notice. Again, 1 week. Check out what they have to say here in their video and come grab one of their singles on Saturday!

To end the last post of the year on an extra positive note, as I had mentioned a few weeks back the Pittsburgh Punk documentary that I have been working on was in the running for a grant from The Sprout Fund. I’m very excited to say that we got the grant! I would like to thank everybody for all of their support. This project can be even better with the grant from The Sprout Fund.
I hope to see you this weekend, but in case I don’t have a thrashin New Years!
Mike/Mind Cure Records

Check out What The Savage Amused Have to Say

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I really wanted to have the Savage Amused reissue done for this weekend, but due to a miscalculation on my part – how am I supposed to remember that there was a huge national holiday last week with all of these projects going on – the inserts were delayed by a day, so now I will have them Monday. In the mean time, check out this video where Savage Amused members John Bendik and Bill Morris as well as Mind Cure Records’ founder Mike LaVella talk about the band and the Demo cassette, which is soon – very soon – to be a deluxe LP.

It’s That Time Again! Not Black Friday, Time For Another Mind Cure Single

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Pittsburgh’s EEL Are Going to Shock You Out of Your Thanksgiving Food Coma: The latest installment of the Mind Cure Singles Series is out tomorrow – Saturday November 30th. This months record is from Pittsburgh’s Noise Punk Maniacs EEL. The self proclaimed “Monty Python of Punk who love Japanese Hardcore” are hard to pin down. Drawing heavily from the sounds of now classic bands from The Land of The Rising Sun such as Gauze, G.I.S.M., Zouo and Lip Cream, EEL are also treading into territory that shares borders with Einsturzende Neubauten, Throbbing Gristle and S.P.K.

But forget about all that – with a truly punk-by-any-name-no-rules-allowed-spirit, EEL make songs that make you want to dance the pogo and dance the slam. See what they have to say for themselves here.

After far too long I made it down to Get Hip for a much needed restock. The store is flush with great records from all your favorites – The Wipers, Thee Headcoats, Naked Raygun, The Misfits, The Minutemen, Black Flag, Otis Redding, The Velvet Underground and much more! There is also a nice used LP collection going out today with records from Test Department, Legendary Pink Dots, Psychic TV, Michael Gira and more in the mix – don’t sleep on this one, collections like this don’t come around every day.

Lastly, if you remember over the summer I had begun a video project documenting the Punk scenes of Pittsburgh. That project is currently up for a grant. This grant would really help me to do things like interview and include more people into the project who are not currently living in Pittsburgh by allowing me to pay for transportation expenses and make this an even better movie. If you could check out the trailer for the video here and if you like what you see vote for it on the video page. This is a fantastic grant opportunity for artists working in film and video, please check out the other projects as well and vote for them too if you like what they are doing too – you can vote for as many projects as you like, but you can only vote for each project once.

In any case – there’s lots of things to be excited about around Mind Cure these days so stop on down!
Keep Thrashin!

There has Been a Record Pile Up and I Need Help!

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We are so close to finishing the latest reissue: Savage Amused LPs and jackets are here – all that we need now are the liner notes/inserts and these can be up for sale. However there is a bit of a traffic-jam-of-records going on at Mind Cure and I need to make some room around the shop to fit all of this stuff. On top of several large LP collections that I have bought this week and need to hit the bins I need to clear some shelf space – I am pulling out a lot of stuff that I have been on the fence about keeping for myself and putting it out for sale. Not only are there are a ton of used LPs going out right now – to sweeten the deal I am offering 15% off to all email list subscribers – not an email list subscriber, read on.

All you need to do is either print out this weeks email and bring it in the shop, or just bring it up on your phone when you are at the shop and you will get 15% off of your entire purchase. If you have friends/family who are not currently subscribed to the email list, but would like to get in on this action – if they sign up in the store this weekend they can get the discount on the spot!

This starts right now – Friday and runs until Sunday at closing time (5pm).  Hope to see you soon – Keep Thrashin!